Crisis Core paper model - what I like about modeling at home

When you see Fx forum member tpwacom15's latest creation, a miniature Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core UMD, your first reaction might be, why? Why would somebody make a miniature model of Crisis Core, of all things? Because he likes it that's why.

This is like the epitome of what I love about DIY models. There are no holds barred, no limits to what you can build with your hands. It's not like you have to go down to the store and buy a Tamiya model kit. It's not like you can only build vehicles and Gundams all your life. You can essentially make anything you want from clay, or simple materials such as paper. Add a good paint job on top of that and you can create professional standard models right in your own home.

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Nightmoon said...

I see u are putting down people who like building tamiya kits and gundams. Doing up those to make them look good and detailed is also a work of art itself. It takes alot of time and hard work too. you should respect that.

Jun said...

Yo, chill man Kevin. I think you're over reading. I only meant pple need not stick to commercial kits only.