About that Sideshow Hulk vs Spiderman Diorama

Dear Lord, please bless me with more cash so I can finally purchase this piece for my room! This Hulk vs Spiderman Diorama features one of the most epic battles in Marvel history and is truly one of the most magnificent sculptures I really want for my room. Too bad it costs a bomb and is well out of reach with my current state of finances:P

This Sideshow collectibles diorama has been around for quite some time and everytime I walk past it in the toy store it's like a major drool fest. I can't help myself... It's so nice!

One of the best things about this piece is how pissed Hulk looks, digging massive hands right into the rubble to grab a big ass piece of rock to smash Spidey to pieces with.

The entire diorama is absolutely massive and would take up a good part of your display cabinet or desk. But take one look at how small Spidey is and that makes you realise that this thing isn't anymore than 1:8 scale. It's extremely well sculpted, very dynamic and flawless interaction of the characters with the environment make this a must have. Check out that half wrecked traffic light - that really does the trick for me.

More shots that I stole off some guy's Ebay page:

This must have taken at least a ton of sculpting compound to make, not to mention about a million years of skill behind it x at least 60-70 hours of work. That's excluding the kick ass paint job. IMO, it's completely worth the 300 - 400 USD it's going for, but I'm feeling really down because by the time I get the cash, this piece is likely to be sold out. Forever.

Yeah, learn to sculpt and you can actually make such stuff for your room:
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