Custom flood infected Master Chief figurine

This has gotta be one of the most awesome customs I've seen out there, a flood infected Master Chief figurine! This was customized by Jin Saotome, working on a 7" Mc Farlane's Master Chief as the base body. This was very well done, check out the left shoulder and see how the infection kind of like bursts through the shoulder pad armour. Jin also lifted the top of the helmet slightly off as you can see. I think the work on this took a tremendous amount of effort and I would definitely LOVE to get my hands on this piece.

Jin also replaced some of the spartan helmets with actual figurine heads:

Kudos to Jin for some killer work. He has been customising toys for many years now and you can see more of his work here

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SDCC exclusive Carmine in packaging pics

Dude, NECA sure is unfair, Carmine is by far my favouritest favourite character in the game and out of all the toys they released for the Gears of War action figure series, he has to be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, not available anywhere else!! Thank God I have a friend heading down to San Diego this coming July and he agreed to buy me a couple of these and ship them to me. Anyways, here are the brand new pics of the exclusive inside the packaging:

Looks nice huh, although his feet look like hooves. Can't wait to add this into the collection.

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Singapore Toy and Comic Convention Highlights

It's a first timer for Singapore, as locals flocked to the Singapore Toy and Comic Convention '08 over the last two days (28th, 29th Jun) to catch a glimpse of nothing short of action figures, urban designer toys, comics artists, games, and cosplayers. I went down today, and it was all gr8 fun. I thought that the toys and replicas part of the show could be beefed up upon, but there was a healthy dose of designer toys and artists appearing at the show. There were some big names there including Tokidoki by Simone Legno.

Well, my favourite exhibit was the Sideshow 1:1 Iron Man bust, I took some shots of it on my video cam, so be sure to scroll to 4:05 for a glimpse of this shiny techy Iron Man bust. Darth Vader was there as well, looking really menacing with his bunch of Storm Troopers and a kickass light sabre. I really wanted to grab a shot of myself punching him, but he walked off too quickly with the power of the Dark Side wooshing behind him.

Oh please back this event next year and make it bigger and better! We wanna see more action figures and replicas!! Stuff that makes up previews and pre orders!

More indepth coverage via Fortress of testicular fortitudde

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Nintendo papercraft for the Nintendo soul

Nintendo fans are the same ones who go absolutely crazy over papercraft ideas, so these guys have taken it upon themselves to set up a super cool website for all Nintendo fans archiving all the Nintendo papercraft on the web. You can get papercraft Nintendo consoles, characters, items and more, from franchises like Super Mario, Legend of Zelda etc. So be sure to check it out, it allows you to build lots of toys that are otherwise unavailable on the market.

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Sideshow Predator on Horse polystone statue

Woahoho lots of kick ass statues to feature today Im going nuts. This piece is manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles and is a whopping 14" tall. It's our favourite alien slaying alien who somehow uses backdated LCD technology despite his futuristic weapons enhancements. And this time, he's riding atop his hellish steed and clutching a badass spear. The pose is very dynamic, and the piece projects a very hellish and nasty feel, so how can you say no?

This piece ships a long time from now, Q1 of 2009 to be exact and expect to pay a healthy sum for it. But IMO, it's all worth it.

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Medicom Alien warrior vinyl collectible doll is almost huggable!

Medicom's latest Alien merchandise offers this almost cuddly Alien warrior in vinyl. But don't be decieved by it's stylized form, as do all Medicom toys, it's detailed and has the serious collector as its target audience. Check out the pics of the back and side below:

Just don't let it's blood touch you.

Preorders @ $69.99 USD

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Bowen Design's 13" Faux Bronze Dr Doom

Another superb creation from Bowen Designs, this 13" Dr Doom is sure to draw the attention away from all your other statues. The back of the cape looks a little off though, the folds don't look very natural to me, but otherwise this is one awesome piece with a perfect looking base with the Dr Doom logo.

Statue ships Q4 2008, and is already up for preorders via Sideshow Collectibles

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Images from Hot Toys booth @ ITTS '08

Hot Toys has released some pretty awesome images of their booth over at ITTS '08, together with some cool images of upcoming Batman and Batmobile from the Dark Knight, Iron Man and a nasty looking She-predator. I just love looking at these images wishing I'm not living an ocean away from all this awesomeness. I'm heading towards our own Singapore Toy and Comic Convention STCC '08 that's happening today and tomorrow, will get some pictures up, but nowhere as indepth coverage as what Shaun and Toysrevil did. I'm not too sure who they modelled the She-Predator after, but she looks a tad like Angelina Jolie, meaning, she looks hot!

For more pictures, head on over to Hot toys

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Hot toys 1/6 Ironman looks amazing!!!

Images I stole from Eddie Wong's blog via Shaun's blog

There are some productions that are just absolutely breath taking, and one of them is this 1/6 Hot Toys Iron Man. Looking at this baby just makes me seething that I actually bought Hasbro's crap version that is perpetually stuck in atomic wedgie pose. Mr Wong noted some anatomical proportion issues with the torso and head, but I'm not one who nit picks with action figures. In other words, Im absolutely in love with this piece.

More pictures and links inside. This is worth a look.

These pictures were actually taken at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2008, where the awesomemest companies like Hot Toys put out their awesomemest toys.

I like the fact that the chest plate actually has a plastic piece made to resemble the arc reactor, not like Hasbro's white button that makes Iron Man say "I am Iron Man" when you press it.
Comes with interchangeable Tony Stark head which is pretty well sculpted:

I'm gonna try to get me grubby hands on this piece when it hits stores later this year.

More pictures on Eddie Wong's blog
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How to paint and touch up paper models

One thing that seriously gets on me about building models from card/paper are the white lines that show along the folds. I'm not an expert at papercrafting or something, but there's one small lesson that I picked up from the talented members on our forums - that is papercraft can actually be painted on, given the right treatment.
That's right, you can paint it like a Gundam model to achieve great effects!

Inspired by Avenic from our forums who did some experimentation by applying a gloss coat on paper with some gr8 results - it actually works, gives the paper a shine and even water proofs the material to make it like plastic - I set forth to paint my Lancer model and surprisingly I pretty like the results!

So here's a nice little tutorial to get all of you who work with card a start in what you need to know about painting.

Full article inside.

Use card, not paper
Paper modelling, paper crafting, that's what it's called. But try not to work with normal printing paper. It's too thin and the ink soaks through which loses it's colour and it's appeal. Also, you will need thick card in order to paint on. Thick card also makes the model feel and look sturdier.

Hobby putty comes out soft, but after time, it hardens into a rock hard substance that can be sanded, carved or even drilled. You can use this to touch up your model, seal up gaps, obvious "paper edges" - this will make your model indistinguishable from plastic! Have some screw drivers handy to carve and touch up on the putty after it has hardened.

Primer spray
A primer spray is used to coat the surface in preparation for painting. It helps in smoothing the surface as well as helping the further paint coats stay on. It's best that you get a can of this, although it is not 100% necessary. If you're a perfectionist, go grab a can from your local hobby store!

To apply it, hold the spray can approximately 15 - 20 cm away from the surface. Depress it steadily and move your hand across the models in passes. Allow the first wave of passes to dry, then repeat the process several times until the entire model is covered evenly. Do not spray too close or too far away or the droplets will not be even.

Hand brushing paints
Use acrylics or lacquer based paints, avoid water based paints like poster paints or the paint will bleed off when your model gets wet! Tamiya paints come in gloss or matt, so be sure to choose the right ones.

Mixing the right about of water to get the right consistency is important. Too much water and the paint spreads too thinly to cover the model. Too little water and the paint is too thick to spread properly.

Dry brushing technique
Dry brushing is perfect for achieving rusty metal, worn metal or other texture effects. To do this, dip a paint brush into the paint, then proceed to clean off the paint onto a piece of paper until the paint brush is dry. With minimal residual paint on the brush, rub the brush repeated on the surface you want to paint. The paint will transfer bit by bit onto the surface to get very nice effects.

Only coat after the paint has completely cured. There are a few types of coats available as sprays in the market. The main ones are matt, semi gloss and gloss. Matt achieves a flat finish while gloss is really shiny. Take care not to over spray or matt sprays will start to frost. Apply using the same technique for the primer. Allow it to dry completely before touching the model, or you'll ruin the surface.

Hope that helped!

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Super beautiful SD Gundam papercraft

Once again, the Japanese bring art to a whole new level. Check out this collection of beautifully designed and constructed SD Gundam papercraft, a definite favourite for me, and an entry on one of my must-build lists! I love the clean cut designs and simple graphics on these babies. Features models of Zaku, Hazel and more.
Click here to visit the site, use the left bar to navigate.
For more Gundam related papercraft coupled with some anime ones, be sure to give Michael James' Gundam and Robot Anime website a visit.

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Gears of War Lancer template is up

As promised, the template is up, but beware, it isnt a walk in the park to build.
Download it here @ the original post

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Hulk is fugly, f***ing ugly

This Hulk has officially been dubbed the title of "My-Head-Is-A-Toilet-Bowl-Cleaner-Hulk". Geez, look at that do, it looks like Hulk has been electrocuted and then hair sprayed 10 x over. Anyways, I came across this crazy article on with lot's of weird ass looking Incredible Hulk toys that surfaced over the dark ages of mankind. It's definitely worth a look for a Friday laugh.

That's Hulk with a p*nis!!!!

Ugly Incredible Hulk toys via I-mockery

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NECA's TMNT SDCC exclusive - ugly or artistic?

Okay, let me rephrase the title's acronyms - National Entertainment Collectibles Association's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles San Diego Comic Convention exclusive - ugly or artistic? I have no idea which it really is. On one side, it may just seem like a repaint with minimal paints, on the other, it does look cool. Kinda. The series is officially being called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 1.5 Action Figures, features all the extras found in the Comic Con set, including core weapons, alternate hands, and detailed interlocking bases.

"...all figures and accessories feature dynamic new Black & White paint and deco, capturing the look and feel of the original 1984 Eastman and Laird comics."

Not too bad... Right now it just looks like a primed but unpainted piece, but hopefully the real thing looks more awesome.

NECA online

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Guitar Hero action figures were clinched by McFarlane's toys!

Hooray! I might be a little biased on this and inviting lots of protests but I always thought McFarlane's sculptors were top notch and well, slightly better than... a certain other rival company's. So, I'm really glad when McFarlane's announced thier partnership with Activision today. Let's just say some small parts of the God of War action figures weren't completely up to my liking. Well, fans of Guitar Hero will be treated to a line of McFarlane's 6" tall action figures based off the series' most popular characters including God of Rock, Johnny Napalm, Axel Steel and more.

More pictures and information inside.

Each 6" figure is poseable with 15-18 moving parts, guitars are interchangeable and removable, with a sculpted Guitar Hero base. Each retails at $10-15 USD when it hits stores in a presently unannounced date.

via McFarlane's toys

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Kungfu panda papercraft makes me feel hungry

IMO, 3D animation humour has become so run in a mill, it's difficult to find a show with jokes that scenes that havent actually been shown in about 10 other cartoon movies. But Kungfu Panda manages to rise above the rest by being truly, awesomely funny. Nothing quite like watching an overweight panda bounce off murderous jaguars.

Have a dumpling:

Download this from HP papercraft

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Papercraft Hellboy bust

Busts were originally a form of works limited to sculptors, but thanks to Designer BazookaJo you guys who are into papercraft can create your own Hellboy bust out of paper! Paper goes extremely well with this piece: gives Hellboy a chunky chiselled stone kind of appearance. Linky

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Hellboy toys from Sideshow Collectibles

In anticipation of the upcoming Hellboy II, The Golden Army, produced under the expert direction of Guillermo Del Toro, Sideshow Collectibles delivers these two Hellboy goodies set for release Q4 this year. Sideshow has in stall for fans a 1:4 scale replica of the Samaritan (weapon) and a 22" tall (woah that's huge!) of Hellboy. More pictures inside.

As you can see, the likeness is incredible, with a flawless crouched pose screaming - I'm ready for some action! Closer shots of the gun:

A standalone model of the Samaritan comes in 1:4 scale a nice plaque/stand that you can display it on. Gun is removable so you can scare people with it:

Guillermo Del Toro is also responsible for bringing absolutely ingenius works such as Pan Labyrinth and the subtle strangling horror of The Orphanage. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, here's a glimpse of it right here:

Sideshow 22" Hellboy product page
Sideshow Hellboy 1:4 Samaritan product page

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Hot toys 1/6 The Dark Knight Line up kicks ass

More Dark Knight goodies to invade your bedroom with, last we saw was Kotobukiya's fixed pose PVC statues, this time round they are 1/6 goodies from the king of 1/6th scale action figures, that is Hot Toys from Hong Kong! As the movie is set to blow everyone's minds, all toy companies scrambled to get a piece of the licensing. From Hot Toys comes this line up of 3 Dark Knight toys including Batsy himself, the Batmobile and the ultra cool Batpod that tears through Gotham City. More pics right on inside.

Batman comes with interchangeable heads sculpted in the likeness of Christian Bale, very cool indeed. There's just something incredibly holy about seeing Batman unmasked. When I was a kid and Michael Keaton took off his mask, it was like, don't let the baddies find out your true identity Batman! Oh nevermind.

1/6 Hot toys Batman comes with:
- Alternate head with authentic likeness of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, a new head sculpture of Bruce Wayne
- Detailed Batman Utility Belt with cell phone
- Activated Mini Mine
- Grapnel Gun
- Two small Batrangs on belt clip (removable)
- Newly developed Bat-suit with cape
- Three sets of interchangeable gloved hands, Inclusive one set of gloves hands for riding the Batpod
- Figure display base featuring THE DARK KNIGHT logo and BATMAN nameplate

Activated Mini Mine sounds nasty, I hope it doesn't cause the figurine to arrive in 10 pieces.

1/6th Batpod from Hot toys is perfectly scaled to fit their Batman, looks extremely detailed and even comes with working headlights. Right weapon features Machine Gun, Grappling Hook and Wheel with Hub- Mounted Engines - nasty!

And.. the very cool looking Batmobile. Once again the headlamps light up, the cockpit actually slides open and the breaking panels are movable. That's smexy, but somehow the Bat mobile from the Batman returns still appeals to me with it's completely detachable sides to form a ridiculous looking Bat "missle" -

Anyone remember this?

via Hot toys
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