Vampire sculpture scares the hell out of me

Sculptor Andy's works send shivers down my spine!. This has got to be one of the scariest things that someone can sculpt. More pictures inside.

One might ask, what exactly goes on in the minds of artists like Andy who produce such disturbing pieces of art? Put this up in your room and you'll be guaranteed nightmares every night.

I like the fact that it's on a plaque, at least the thing looks like it has already been killed and hung up on a wall. I'd be careful with those teeth though, they look like they can kill someone.

That's one hell of a texturing and paint job Andy.

Check out his other sculptures on the Gatekeeper, Demons, Werewolves and a worm monster that spawned right from the depths of hell.

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Charlie said...

F***'N SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun said...

Yeah! Hang that on the wall next to your bed, so you see it the moment you wake up!

buy viagra without prescription said...

Yeah that looks scary haha I use to use a weird mask for halloween sometime ago, very similar to this one.

Hellen said...

Wow, there is a great deal of effective material above!