Papercraft Aliens M41-A Pulse Rifle

Jan Rukr seems to be at his best when building big ass gun replicas from various movies and games from paper. IMO, this has to be his masterpiece. Tons of pages of parts, but the finished rifle has to be worth the effort.

Link and pictures inside fullpost.

Jan Rukr has been around the scene for a while and unless you're new to this, you would probably already have seen his works around. But nevertheless, for the record, this goes up as one of the finest paper models on the web.

When I first saws pictures of this, I couldnt believe that it was made out of paper. It's so realistic it looks almost good enough to be a prop in the movie itself.

I think Jan really hit the mark in deciding to work on electronics, vehicles and weapons... The best way to getting beautiful crisp models in your own home is using paper. I've tried sculpting weapons out of clay before, but believe me, the best thing you can do is to use paper for objects with flat straight surfaces and angular corners.

The gun from the movie itself:

Cool huh. Jan Rukr is working on some awesome stuff at the moment, Im looking forward to the T2 endoskeleton. He just released a new Star Craft 2 Marine Canon template, so be sure to check out his site right here.

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max said...

WTH, I thought it was real!

Anonymous said...

how the hell is that paper

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