Smallest titanic, ever

Yes, that's a titanic lying next to a paper cutter - that thing can't be more than 20 cm in length! Check out how minuscale and well made it is. This thing bears more detail than some larger models out there, as you can see from the several deck levels. Kudos to whoever made this.

If you have what it takes, the click here for the template.

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Vampire sculpture scares the hell out of me

Sculptor Andy's works send shivers down my spine!. This has got to be one of the scariest things that someone can sculpt. More pictures inside.

One might ask, what exactly goes on in the minds of artists like Andy who produce such disturbing pieces of art? Put this up in your room and you'll be guaranteed nightmares every night.

I like the fact that it's on a plaque, at least the thing looks like it has already been killed and hung up on a wall. I'd be careful with those teeth though, they look like they can kill someone.

That's one hell of a texturing and paint job Andy.

Check out his other sculptures on the Gatekeeper, Demons, Werewolves and a worm monster that spawned right from the depths of hell.

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Paper model machinery are works of art

Chriess designs and build uber detailed models of heavy machinery! Smexy!

More pictures and template links inside.

These look so good it's hard to imagine how one guy managed to design and piece together the entire vehicle from just sheets of paper. I think it's also very cool that he left it in pure colourless white - it looks like a piece of art taken right off a fine art gallery!

Seriously, grab a display case with spot lighting for these babies! Includes a hydraulic crane, an excavator and a trailer truck (personal favourite).

You can grab the templates for these vehicles right here.

Be sure to give the other models on the page a run through as well - there are some real gems there.

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Temple of the Forbidden Eye paper model

Holy crap! One of those crazily detailed card models that will take up a good whole of your month piecing together. This is one of the most complicated ones Disney is offering.

Seems like lots of companies are catching on to papercraft as a means of promoting their website. Check out the pictures and the link to this 56 pages of template inside the fullpost.

Now this would be something awesome to have on your desk:

I don't know about you, but I always had this thing for miniature landscapes and buildings. There's just something magical about being able to peer through tiny windows, doors like you're some kind of God.

Click here for the template

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Custom Spawn statue kicks ass

Walter O' Neal aka Professor Oreo sculpts such beautiful anatomy, it's difficult to resist clicking on the link to his deviantART account. Lo' and behold, not only does this guy sculpt, he also is hell of an illustrator. Check out this beautiful piece on Spawn that he sculpted inside the fullpost.

What I love about this piece is how it illustrates the importance of texturing on a sculpt. The piece would have been missing a huge plus if the face wasn't so well textured.

He threw it a little animated gif of the face sculpting process, so be sure to check it out below:

O' Neal's DeviantART account
Quickie Face Tutorial by O' Neal

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Papercraft Aliens M41-A Pulse Rifle

Jan Rukr seems to be at his best when building big ass gun replicas from various movies and games from paper. IMO, this has to be his masterpiece. Tons of pages of parts, but the finished rifle has to be worth the effort.

Link and pictures inside fullpost.

Jan Rukr has been around the scene for a while and unless you're new to this, you would probably already have seen his works around. But nevertheless, for the record, this goes up as one of the finest paper models on the web.

When I first saws pictures of this, I couldnt believe that it was made out of paper. It's so realistic it looks almost good enough to be a prop in the movie itself.

I think Jan really hit the mark in deciding to work on electronics, vehicles and weapons... The best way to getting beautiful crisp models in your own home is using paper. I've tried sculpting weapons out of clay before, but believe me, the best thing you can do is to use paper for objects with flat straight surfaces and angular corners.

The gun from the movie itself:

Cool huh. Jan Rukr is working on some awesome stuff at the moment, Im looking forward to the T2 endoskeleton. He just released a new Star Craft 2 Marine Canon template, so be sure to check out his site right here.

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AoA Colossus sculpture: A portrait of dynamism!

Grrrrrrrrrraaaaaaagh! You can feel the energy from this one.

This remains one of my favourite sculpts, and it's done by a young albeit professional chap by the name of Sean from North Carolina. One of the hardest things a sculpture needs to fulfill is to radiate ambience, and this piece definitely does it. It's almost like Colossus (the Age of Apocalypse version) was frozen in that moment of sprint, casted and miniaturised into this statue. Inspiring!

The face of Colossus, right down to his body language really fits the motion and theme very well. The base isn't complicated, but it really brings it home with the fragmentation of the floor boards where Colossus pivots his weight on. Smexy!

The unpainted sculpt:

Nice huh. Be sure to give Sean's myspace a visit, his Deadpool and Joker look uber awesome as well.

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Shunichi Makino's paper creations are awesome

Lens Head type B

Get a load of these awesome robotic creations from paper engineer Shunichi Makino. These are likely the best designed paper models I've ever seen. Makino's original creations span a series of robots given the "Lens head" designation which are very detailed both in form and in the graphical textures on the armour plates.

Lens Head RB

Lens Head

These are a must build for any serious model maker, with stunning results. Also up on Makino's gallery are beautiful Star Wars models ranging from AT-AT walkers to the familiar X-wing. Be sure to give them a browse as well.

What else can these guys build from paper? This seems to be the pinnacle of modelling with paper as a medium.

SF Gallery right here

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How to sculpt

Sculpting tutorials, lessons and instructions for the beginner

This piece began as clay!

Good demonstrations for sculpture aren't all that easy to find on the web, as I found out when I picked it up. Using the wrong clay and not knowing the basic preparation steps are pitfalls that you can avoid if you do some proper reading up. Problem is, these resources are scattered and difficult to locate. That is until now :)

Follow the links below to great tutorials posted by great sculptors to get an idea of where to start and what to do!

1: What is sculpting?

Sculpting is really just creation of a 3D piece of art with your hands. Contrary to popular belief, sculpture is NOT always done in stone. Sculpture in stone is just a sub specialty. Modern day sculpting is really behind-the-scenes work of the entertainment industry - monsters in movies begin as conceptual creature sculpts, toys and models are born from the hands of sculptors.

What these sculptors do is that they add material onto their models and gradually shape them into form. This is unlike the popular misconception that all sculpture is to do with chiselling and taking away.

2: Types of Materials

There are two main types of sculpting material that you can look for - polymer clays and epoxy sculpting compounds. Polymer clay has to be baked to harden, while epoxy sculpting compounds dry and harden in the air. So, unless you work fast, go for polymer clays if you're a newbie.

Here's a link for more information on brands available:
Polymer Clay Brands

3: Let's sculpt!

After sieving through about a hundred sites with sculpting tutorials and guidelines, these are the best and likely to be the most helpful to you:

Making an armature support
Simple human proportions to follow
Sculpting demonstration 1 - Sculpting a faun fiddler
Sculpting demonstration 2 - Sculpting a conceptual creature by Peter Konig

Here's a video by the Shifflett Brothers:

Cheers, fall in love with the art.

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Project papercraft Bumble Bee

The name Claudio Dias is synonymous with paper modelling. Check out his latest project in the works, this is one of the most complicated things you can possibly build from card - a freakin' Transformer. No, not just any transformer, but one of those crazily layered and detailed ones from the 2007 movie.

We've seen some very detailed models coming from Claudio before, but this one really sets a new level.

Right now, the arms and heads are finished and available for downloads. The torso and legs are still in the works, but here are glimpses of the 3D model:

Be sure to check out some of the templates for vehicles from movies that Claudio has up on his site, including a Back to the Future Delorean, the Batman Tumbler, and a personal favourite - the Ghostbusters Ecto-1.
Claudio Dias' Paper Inside

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Marcus Fenix Bust

Heads up Gears of War fans, EvilNinjaChris the sculptor has done up an amazing bust of brooding Marcus Fenix as his own project, and here are the completed pictures:

One more shot after the jump.

Beautifully sculpted and painted, with a wonderfully textured base to go along with. Me wants dis!

Yes the Locust Queen would be pleased to see his head on a platter. Dear Chris, we would love to see a Locust bust to compliment this piece.

Chris Vierra's Myspace account
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Miniature Halo 3 Legendary Edition!

Is that Team Fortress in the background? Traitor!

This time round, FX feature's installment brings to you, straight from the desk of Amy aka Ring Ring, a hand made miniature Halo 3 Legendary Edition box set! This is also the winner of our last bi-monthly competition, the GAME FX.

This piece was hand sculpted from Super Sculpey polymer clay and hand painted over. Comes with a scaled down model of the box as well. Verdict: As fans of the Halo series, we can't say no. We love it, Amy.

That's either a really huge monitor, or a very small Halo 3 legendary edition.

The piece measures a mere 5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm, that's way smaller than what our fat hands can handle.

Of all things, why did you choose to model a Halo 3 Legendary Edition box set?

I've always wanted to make a game character model. And during the time while I was thinking of a new project, Halo 3 was the biggest thing in the gaming industry. So, I decided to make something mini (again lol), and the thought of making a mini helmet was too cute to resist. Also, just simply doing the helmet was not enough for me, so I did entire box.

The model looks detailed... Was it difficult to make? How long did it take you?

It was very challenging for me to sculpt the helmet since I wanted to get the details at all the right places. It took me several hours at each sitting. I had to sometimes start over and it took forever to fine tune the details. In total, I would say it took me about 15-20 hours but it was over the span of 2 months as I have school and also two part time jobs.

Could you give a list of the materials you used for this project?

I used Super Sculpey to sculpt the helmet and the stand. They were painted with Acrylic paint after baking. For the box, I put together images in Photoshop and printed them on Matte Photo Paper.

Is it us, or do you like miniature models? Your model looks tiny!

Haha, yes as you can see from my portfolio on deviantart, I do have a thing for miniatures! I collect anything mini and I love to sculpt anything mini! I think it's very challenging and they are just too cute!

Any plans to make other models?

Definitely! I love to make models and I will definitly be making more and more! Right now, I'm just generating some ideas for my next project. Most likely, it would be another game character! You guys are all welcome to give suggestions =)

If only Amy mass produced these things, we would sure love to get our hands on one of these for the desk. Give Amy some love on her Deviant art page.

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