DIY Super Mario Trinklets!

How to make your own Super Mario Trinklets - an extremely easy to DIY project

Managed to get hold of some Jumping Clay from Korea last week, and what better idea than to make these uber awesome Super Mario trinklets:

A bunch of these in a basket would please anyone.

Jumping Clay
is a special type of air-dry clay that is extremely light weight. It comes in an assortment of colours and is extremely easy to work with, leaving no mess behind, unlike the clays that professional sculptors use.

It's best suited for projects like that, with aesthetically pleasing results! When it dries, it feels like a mass of foam - able to deform, does not break easily and very light indeed. It's name comes from it's uncanny ability to bounce if you drop it on the floor.

Over all, these took only approximately 1 and a half hours to complete, and here's a video on how to make these for yourself:

A really simple, yet really awesome project to try out over the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Where Do I Get Jumping Cly In California?

Sonicscape said...

Well, actually any airdry clay would do. Even oven bake clay, if you're with baking it.

Try your local art store.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I love these. Mario is awesome!

You have seriously outdone ureself wid these lol.


Sonicscape said...

Lol.. don't say that. These are just really simple trinklets anyone can make:)

Anonymous said...

How Do U Put The Black Eeys?

hunter said...

nice phone.=)

Anonymous said...

these are great.say, why do they call it "jumping clay"??

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