Series Sk8 - The build and the design.

I happened to be at the Graphics and Design section of the local PageOne store just a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to have a book on skateboard gfx catch my eye. I flipped through the book and thought - Good Gawd! This is da sh*t. It was love at first sight with the uber cool designs on the base of skateboards.

It was obvious that other than serving it's primary purpose, the skateboard has also become a medium of artistic expression for urban artists. Good or bad, it seems like the first thing that defines the attitude of a skateboarder is his board. I mean, picture this guy carrying a pink board with Power Puff Girls - that's instant girlification of him!

So I told myself, hey, if Im gonna do a next line of GFX centered toys, hell yeah, it's gotta be skateboards. A skateboard is like a moving canvas for art.

The Promo Logo

So the first thing I did, was to design a logo for the series. It sounded like a stupid thing to do, I mean, I haven't even got the model out and I'm doing a promotional logo for it?

But hey, I wanted something really urban, and simple to define the look of the series. And then I thought of how netizens always referred to Skate as SK8:

The Display Rack

And then came the search for reference art on Google images. What struck me was how nice rows and rows of boards looked on display racks. Hell, if this was going to look good, it would need a display rack to go with it.

The finished product

Nothing like a DIY video to showcase your works:

Cheers, readers. Hope you liked that. The series will be up very soon.

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