Modelling from paper part IV: Pepakura Designer

Using Pepakura Designer to create a 2D template from the 3D model

1: Download and install Pepakura Designer

Click here to download
Again, there's a free version and a full version. Unfortunately you only get features like being able to save in high resolution formats and additional features with the full version. But for now, if you're just looking for some experimental fun, you can use the free version.

2: Open Pepakura Designer and open the .kmz file you saved.

You will see a series of complicated looking instructions, but they're really just asking you to specify which is the front and base of the model.

3: Click on unfold and you'll have an unfolded model all ready

Now here's something to take note of:
The template looks more complicated than I intended it to be, because if you take a closer look at the pyramid I designed using Google Sketchup, the view from the bottom shows a model that looks like that:

To avoid this pitfall, make sure you check all sides of the model you built, otherwise you might end up with overly complex templates that you don't want.

4: Print the file and you have a papercraft template.

The free version of Pepakura Designer unfortunately, does not allow you to save your files, but a cheap way round this is to print it out and then scan the print to save as an image file.

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hi i am trying to make my own model and i am having trouble when i save my model as a .kmz pepakura designer it saying 'error: can not find doc.kmz' in a message box and i dont know what to do please help me

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