Modelling from paper part III: More Google Sketchup

Creating a simple object in Google Sketchup

Here's a simple example to orientate you to exactly what you can do - I'm going to draw a series of steps leading up to the top of a small pyramid.

1: Open Google Sketchup and click on the rectangle drawing tool

2: Using this, draw a rectangle in the work space.

3: Using the same tool, I'm going to create multiple faces of the rectangle, but smaller ones than the original.

4: Using the Push and Pull tool, I'm going to convert this into a 3D object.

Click and drag each face into 3D to form this:

And there you have it! A simple pyramid. I can't show you how to use all the tools indepth, it will take a book! But using these simple principles, play around with all the tool sets to get all kinds of shapes and that you want.

5: Save your file!

Important tip
Before you launch into 3D model design work, you should be aware of the limitations of Pepakura Designer in unfolding a 3D model. It is better to break up your model that you are designing into many small parts and design them individually, rather than work on the entire model in one file!

If your entire model is one file, Pepakura designer will unfold the model into one gigantic, complex looking template that noone will build.

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