FAQ/Help with building models

How do I view .PDF files?
You need a free PDF viewer. Adobe Reader will do just fine.

The parts don't fit right! Why is that so?
I guarantee you these, are the exact same templates that I built the models from, and they fit fine, provided you follow the instructions I left.

You see, when I designed them, I made allowance for the thickness of the paper, which means, if you want the best results, follow the instructions for the type of paper to use on the top of the page.

I can't print on card! What do I do?
There are several ways out of this - you can

1: Print it on photopaper
2: Bring it to a friend who has a printer that can print on card
3: Bring it to a shop that does printing
4: Bring it to your office which might have a laser printer (some of the readers pointed this out to me)
5: Print it on regular, normal paper, but it wouldn't look as good.

There are so many parts to assemble! How do I do this?
I can't show you how to assemble all the parts, the best I could was to describe them in words at the back of each .PDF file. Because, if I were to draw out all the instructions to all the parts, the file would be close to 20 MB in size. My files are already very large in size because I left them in high resolution formats for you guys to play around with without the images getting pixelated.

My advice is, many people have built these models before, and most have no problems. So, just do a little figuring out>> there is only one way to assemble each piece that you cut out. You'll be just fine:)

This is so difficult! I expected origami that can be done in 10 minutes.
Well, this is a little different from origami. I designed these models as plastic model substitutes, because I couldn't find the commercial kits to make models I wanted. Plus, I really wanted the details to be there, so, there are many parts to assemble. Many tabs to cut as well.

If you want to cut time, the triangular tabs on the curved surfaces can actually be reduced in number, or even removed completely (if you know what you're doing). But I made many tabs to create really smooth curved surfaces when you stick them together - a curve is made of many lines, the more lines you have, the smoother it looks.

Are there any special techniques for building the models?
Scoring the surface of the paper with a paper cutter where you intend to fold helps to make the fold line crisp and sharp. You can do this by applying light pressure with the cutter to make a superficial cut along the line that you intend to fold on.

Applying glue is best done with tooth picks to reach into small corners and to spread the glue evenly. Glue should be applied sparingly, too much and you'll have a soggy looking model.

Hope that helps! Patience is important.

For more help, ask our forum members.


Sandra said...

How about my printer?I don't know if it can't print on photo paper or something like that,I have the Hp Officejet 5610xi All-in-One!CAn it pront on photo paper?

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Sonicscape said...

I print it on glossy paper :)

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Anonymous said...

hey Jun wich google sketchUp version do u use

plz reply cuz i want to make my own template but i cant because the file needs to be kml.

Jun said...

Just dl the latest version for free.

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