1: Download blank template
2: Customize
3: Email pictures of the completed model and template to summerson84@yahoo.com
4: Next series could feature your design

Regular image .PNG versions for non-Photoshop users:
Download blank 360 and 360 box
Download blank Trooper 3.2
Download blank SK8

.PDF versions for Photoshop users:
Download blank 360 and 360 box
Download blank Trooper 3.2
Download blank SK8 skin

Fxconsole recommends the use of Artweaver:
Download Artweaver FREE

If you need help, post about it on our forums, our dedicated members will help you out.


Anubis said...

great idea man! so simple yet so effective. a basic human shape and a banner in the background. cant get much more simple OR effective than that!

great work and great sites man!


Sonicscape said...

Thanks Anubis;) Glad you like it. Im keenly awaiting your idea for the custom.

Markuf said...

I Love all those models!!


Markuf said...

Sorry for the multipost...

There is a final 360 template ready to mount?

With colors like the DS and PS3 models?


Sonicscape said...

Yes there is Markuf, give me some time to get it together to put it up. Thanks!;)

Anonymous said...

i wish artweaver was for mac too T_T

Steve9960 said...

These models are awesome.
U really dedicated yourself
to this stuff!
I am currently desgining a
360 so I hope to see that up
Cheers! you really great!

builderman said...

i cant get his real xbox360 papercraft with a sliding tray

builderman said...

i cant get any of his real paper craft like the ps3 and nor the iphone only the xbox 360 for starters

builderman said...
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runtsmomma said...


Anonymous said...

Wow this is looks complicated. but im willing 2 try willing to learn